Have You Seen Home

— Tyrone Ormsby & Thomas McCammon

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Have You Seen Home is a new book by Tyrone Ormsby & Thomas McCammon.

Home exists only in the past. An inherently nostalgic concept, it is believable only in moments that are cycled through memory and given the golden hue of projected, and sometimes imagined, importance. The building blocks of nostalgia are recognisable symbols. A gate is a gate is a gate, until you pass it often enough that is becomes a marker of memory, and — attached to your memory, it can no longer be experienced solely in the present. As we all move between our own interpretations of home — from one country to another, from one constructed reality to the next, between the attention of friends and lovers — these markers accrue behind us. They are emblematic — at once permanent and fleeting. These abstractions are collated in this book, a question and statement that repels and invokes the elusive definition of home.

60 Pages 
Perfect bound
148 x 210 mm